Space for INdividuals and their well-being.

WUM Investment is creating space focused on people and their well-being.

It connects students, physicians and their mentors in practice, through on-going professional and academic development that continuously strives to promote professional excellence.

It creates an environment for the exchange of ideas, sharing knowledge, and developing business solutions aimed at improving quality of life.

It is guided by trust and accountability.

WUM Complex

The most modern building on the campus of the Medical University of Warsaw (MUW).

Business Zone

Flexible business and office hub area. An address that signals confidence and credibility.

Trainings and Conferences

An ideal commercial training and conference-exhibition space.

Medical Simulation Center

A world-class medical simulation university training centre.

Great Attitudes, Better Service.

professional. friendly. courteous.

Bringing people together

The companies

Our tenants will be provided with modern space on the Medical University of Warsaw campus. This space will offer up-to-date and cost-effective technological solutions as well as proximity to research and development institutions. Being open to the needs of companies in the life sciences industry is part of our DNA.  Our facilities will offer a wide range of office space, fully-equipped training rooms, as well as exhibition areas.

The employees

MUW employees will be offered a wide range of amenities, including underground parking, bicycle parking with cloakroom and a shower area, among many others. Taking care of your health and well-being is our mission. We are proud to implement a variety of ecological solutions, including recognized BREEAM certification, and will offer designated areas for relaxation and rest.

The Students and Healthcare Professionals

The Medical Simulation Centre is fully dedicated to MUW students. We provide the most technologically advanced equipment and we apply world-class standards in the field of medical simulation training. We believe that everyone, even the most experienced professionals, should be given the opportunity to learn new techniques and further improve their skills in a safe and secure environment. This is why we have established a complete commercial medical simulation education and training centre.

The Neighbours

We have designed the WUM Complex to serve the community. So our doors are open to the surrounding environment and especially to our neighbours. We aspire to be a place where work, creativity and professional development are combined with passion for learning and well-being. Our facilities will offer various possibilities of networking, regardless of whether one prefers a venue for a formal business meeting or an exchange of ideas in a relaxed setting.

WUM Complex łączy ludzi

WUM Investment sp. z o.o.